Part I

Proposed Upper Similkameen Indian Band Rates By-law 2023 - 2023-08-28

Upper Similkameen - Document updated on 2023-09-22

Part I

This part is the public notification service. It contains notices published by First Nation governments as well as notices published by other governments, corporations, organizations and others respecting Aboriginal matters.

Part II

Zagime Anishinabek Annual Expenditure Law, 2023 - 2023-09-19

First Nations Fiscal Management Act - Sakimay First Nations - New document published on 2023-09-22

Part II

This part is the register of First Nation legislation. The legislation contained in Part II includes laws required by federal statute to be published in the First Nations Gazette, and other laws, by-laws, codes and other enactments submitted to the First Nations Gazette for publication by First Nations.

All laws, by-laws, codes and other enactments published in Part II of the First Nations Gazette are compiled annually in the Digital Annual Gazette.

Digital Annual Gazettes

First Nations Gazette Volume 26 (F.N. Gaz. 2021.26.) - 2022-02-15

Document updated on 2022-04-14

Part III

This part contains documents related to First Nation law-making, such as standards, policies, procedures, and sample laws and by-laws. These include First Nations Fiscal Management Act sample laws, sample section 83 Indian Act by-laws, standards and procedures established under the First Nations Fiscal Management Act as well as Gazette policies and the First Nations Gazette Style Guide.